Homey Touches


We finally found our apartment!  It is a quaint little place above a bookstore in town.  Believe it or not, these ‘above store apartments’ are very much in demand because they are so close the the bars and restaurants only a block away.  I’ve only been out in town a few times, and I loved it immediately.  The brick sidewalks and gated outdoor eating lines the streets.  It’s a busy place, but not anything like a large city.  The people will be friendly, but at the same time won’t think twice about pushing past you on their way into a coffee shop.  We settled on it because it’s got the small features that we desired, and the price we needed.  It is a two bedroom apartment, with a small living room, kitchen and bathroom.  The main bedroom is right above the bookstore, and the smaller bedroom is on the third floor.  It has many windows and is such a small space that it can’t really be considered a full bedroom, but maybe an office.  Chase has agreed to let me decorate the place and he’s gotten the job of painter.

We’ll be going shopping tomorrow for some much needed homey touches.  I’ll let you know how the place comes along!  It doesn’t seem like our forever home, but it’ll be nice for a little while.






Chase and I have been frantically looking for our new place.  And it hasn’t been easy.  There were charming apartments with cramped bathrooms and some nice small homes that needed some work.  We’ve narrowed it down to two places.  One is a two bedroom apartment with whitewashed walls.  Though I am completely lovestruck with him, I need my own space.  I’d be crazy to think that I can possibly let go of my privacy.  He isn’t as inclined on the idea of us both having our own separate quarters.  He’s the kind of man that likes a woman in his bed and in his arms as he falls asleep.  But I am not that type of woman.  I like having a bed to lay awake and think in, and not have to consider my partners needs at every moment throughout the night.

Other than that, we have to work out the ordeal with my mother.  She wants us to both come home for the wedding, she wants to help design the reception, and this and that.  The usual mother stuff.  I’ve only met his parents once, and I do wonder how they feel about our recent engagement.  Though I’ve heard about nasty inlaws, I doubt his parents will be anything like that.

More later,



Memories of a past home


I had dinner at Auntie’s house last night.  Rosemary chicken and roasted potatos.  Mmmmm Delicious!  I told her about my fears and excitement of being engaged.  My Uncle Richard simply smiled and drank his coffee.  We talked late into the night, and I slept in the spare bedroom that once was my own.  It felt so strange to wake up there, and look out the bay windows into the day that was dawning.  How much time had I spent here not so long ago, wondering about my future?  I wish I could remember the things I once thought about where my life would go.

In two weeks I’m going to start attending a Zumba class!  It’s a new sensation of working out, it combines latin dance and sculpting techniques.  I tried it once in highschool during a gym class and it was a ton of fun.  I got an email from my hair salon saying that they’d be hosting classes this month.  I’m excited to start, maybe I’ll find some new girlfriends.

Trading is going well for me, and Chase has begun to trade as well.  I’ll never stop thanking my Uncle Richard for his help in getting me started in the Arbitrage Trading world.  It truly has changed my life and financial situation forever,




Chase and I are going to look for a joint place to live, and he’s just informed his landlady that he’ll be gone by the end of the month.  We’ve decided not to set a date on the marriage because we want to do a wait and see.  However, if things go well we  will probably get married very quickly, sometime in October.  I know it’s soon, but we don’t see a point in waiting if living together goes well.

I’m hoping Chase and I can agree on the same place.  I’d prefer a nice open space, that has a fair amount of windows.  We nearly considered buying a house, but instead we’ll just get a nice loft apartment.  Though I’d love to have a house, we’re going to be traveling so much that it really might not be a good investment.  Speaking of investments, guess who’s begun trading?  Two people actually!  Sammi back home and also my fiance Chase!  Both got set up on ArbSurfer Pro (http://www.arbsurfer.com/) and they seem to be enjoying the profits.  Sammi’s been having a hard time because of the economic downturn since 2008.  Her college degree is nearly meaningless because there are no jobs in the field she wanted to work in.  Chase is borrowing the books that Terry gave back to me (see my previous post).

I’m excited for both of them, because sure betting is an opportunity to make money, and feel less tied down to a 9 to 5 job.  I’m proud of my own success in the field, and I know they’ll be happy with the results

Who doesnt like money? haha

If you are interested in trading I would highly recommend you take a look at this link!





p.s. ArbSurfer Pro has  a free trial, so you can try it out!



Breaking the news


I sat down with Terry yesterday and talked with her.  I just really tried to iron out what was really happening between us during the time we spent silent.  She seemed bored the entire meeting, but when I broke the news that I was leaving her face changed.  I swear she looked incredulous.  Like somehow I wasn’t being completely honest with her.  She angrily brought up the lease agreement.  But I showed her that it was indeed her that had signed it, not me.  She stood abruptly and turned away from the table, and I also broke the news to her that Chase and I were getting married.

She asked if we’d set a date.  No, I guess we hadn’t.

I then told her I wanted the trading books back that I’d lent her. (Sports Arbitrage Advanced Series – Cross Market Trading Strategies).


She walked away and I found the books on my bed later in the evening.


Out, with him


This week has been a whirlwind of events.  Not only have I been proposed to (eeek!) but Chase has also asked me to move in with him.  When he asked me, I immediately thought “NO! NOT YET!”  I know it is really very soon for us to be even considering marrying.  But he was insistent that this was the right time.  I do love him, I know I do.  But this is a huge change for me, and I don’t do well with unexpected changes.  I never really ever thought about marriage for myself.  I always considered myself to be a nomad of sorts.  That it wouldn’t be possible to find a man that I could love, and travel with, and make children with.

He’s told me not to give him an answer til I’m ready.  But he wants me to move in with him, ASAP.  Apparently my bitching about the whole Terry situation has really set our relationship back a little.  I fight too much with him recently and he thinks it has to do with my living situation.  Is this the out that I was looking for?

But the only small problem is that I’m unwilling to move into his bachelor pad.  We’d need to find our own place.